Lutando pelos índios nas trincheiras europeias

O texto abaixo foi composto com a reprodução de mensagens enviadas às autoridades diplomáticas da Holanda, Bélgica e Inglaterra. Cópias delas foram enviadas aos meus amigos europeus e ao economista Yanis Varoufakis.

What can the Dutch do if the see level goes up 10 meters in the next few years because of dirty morons like DonaldTrump and Jair Bolsonaro?

The deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon desired by Bolsosaro will increase the temperature of the planet and also the sea level. Any Dutch who buy products “made in Brazil” now will gain a flood in his nice room tomorrow.

The Brazilian Indians are the protectors of the forest. Today they are the volunteer soldiers of Nature who guarantee a good life in Holland. Bolsonaro will command the genocide of the Indians and this will also affect the Dutch people in the future.

No Indians desires anything but to continue living according to his own traditions. The world is one (everything is interconnected) and the Dutch need to understand that defending the Brazilian Indians is now preserving the forest and, consequently, the future of Holland.

I suppose that London and the Royal Family also have no future if the Brazilian Indians and the Amazon forest are decimated by Bolsonaro.

Do the Belgians want to keep the Port of Antwerp? So it is better for Belgium MFA to help cut off the wings of the dirty new Brazilian tyrant.

Can Yanis Varoufakis estimate the economic damage to the EU if the Indian humanitarian catastrophe and the Amazon ecocide promoted in Brazil by Bolsonaro accelerate climate change causing damage to the European coastline in the next years?

An Indian reservation was invaded. According to information the invaders are knocking down all the trees. The Bolsonaro government encourages this rather than ensuring respect for the lands of the Indians.

É possível enterrar rapidamente o Bozo. Basta um pouco de imaginação e ousadia.

Você pode fazer o Jornal GGN ser cada vez melhor.

Apoie e faça parte desta caminhada para que ele se torne um veículo cada vez mais respeitado e forte.

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